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Bradford Mill

Fibre to fabric:

As part of the fibre to fabric brief I decided to tag along to a trip to a woven wool mill in Bradford. One of the few surviving mills making high-class woollen textiles in the UK.

The mill itself is full of loud and complicated machinery. Operated by a team of highly skilled workers all extremely knowledgeable in their field.

Above are some of the images I collected on the trip. This is probably some backburner inspiration and not directly linked to any particular project I have in mind at the moment. But I thought it would be good to mention it none the less.

Light Night // Chery Kino

Light night / Chery Kino:


As part of the light night brief, I worked at a 3 day workshop for Chery Kino.

The workshop specialised in super 8 filming, processing and editing. The final film was projected at the Vernon Street Walkway and visible to passers by from the street.

Filming the piece was great fun although as part of a large group and one camera sometimes confusing with no one quite sure what they wanted to film. Despite this we got some fantastic shots and managed to put it together to make a film! Haha im not gonna dress it up im not sure if anyone knew what the film was really about. But the experience was good fun anyway.

Light Night Show

Light Night Show:


Above is a selection of images from the final light night show.

I chose to display my piece on a plain plinth. I wanted to use a hard spot light to cast a strong shadow through the piece. On reflection I believed at the time that the space would be much darker at the show. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. However I still feel the piece worked rather well. It was an incredibly hard piece to display for several reasons. Firstly the material used made the plates incredibly delicate and any touching would have resulted in the piece being instantly ruined. Also because of the 3dimentsional stand the piece was hard to light in a way that would show all angles to the viewer and allow them to see it from every angle. Particularly as the plinth wasn’t large enough and time allowances didn’t allow me to find a suitable light. This I had to improvise. In lew of these set backs id say I’m very happy with the way the piece looked. And considering the short space of time id like to create a more complex piece in the future with a less restrictive deadline.

Book Making Workshop

As part of the Artist international bookfair reserach we were asked to explore and learn how to do? book binding.

bookbinding is a skill ive always wanted to learn. its fantasticaly practical skill to be able to make your own sketch books. and unfortunately i decided not to use the techniques id learned in the workshop to make my books for the fair. i chose to go down another route mainly becuase of time and money. To make a single book was very time consuming and I don’t think I had the immediate skills to pull it off. Definitely a skill I’m going to try and push further though.

My book was blue. I haven’t put anything in it yet. I think I might not put anything in it for some time until I’m happy I won’t ruin it.

Artists International Book Fair


In terms of the book fair itself.

My book didn’t sell. Well I sold 1 at £3. The book fair was a new experience for me as I had never visited it before and so I was unsure about what to expect.

The interdisciplinary stall was one of the best presented in the hall of all the small stalls. There were a few who had gone all out. But on the whole compared with others our stall was well designed and interesting to passers by.

From a business perspective one has to ask why your own product hasn’t sold. This can normally be broken down into a few key areas.

Price: your price is either to high. Thus putting of potential buyers. This is a subjective area. Either your product is priced out of the market altogether shearly by its price and any customer won’t see the value in it. Or the customers nearby typically go for lower value items that’s more within their price range. E.g a student is going to look for a lot more for their money than an office worker or a city banker. Over all compared to other items on the stall. And around in the book fair itself I feel my product was well priced at £3

Location: is your product in the right market for you. I once watched a woman try and sell handmade dog clothes all day in the west Norwood feast. She didn’t sell a single one. At a dog show she would have sold out. Since my product was a book at a book fair id say it was well placed. However to much choice can lead to disappointment as well.

Presentation: is your product well presented?

As mentioned in a previous post regarding the fabrication shop. A broad mixture of to many things can often confuse customers. People like to see clear themes when making a purchase.

Product: is your product any good?

Exhausting all other avenues I will have to settle that people took the cover section about no refunds and the book being awfuly boring to seriously and chose not to buy the book

I think considering it was my first artist’s international book fair and I was totally unprepared for what to expect. I did rather well. I sold one! And that lovely £3 bought be a cup of coffee and a biscuit. (We’ll forget I spent nearly a tenner on materials to make it) and I’ve got about 20 books to clog up my bookshelf or put under chair legs. Success to the highest degree in my opinion.

I would like to also mention if anyone wants one of the books. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to send you one in the post. I would charge but to be honest that would be more hassle than the book is worth. Or alternatively you can download the contents below.

twitter book contents