Metal // Latice

Pushing and Bending Metal:

After my trips to Sheffield and Paris and seeing first hand some of the interesting and amazing things people were doing with metal I immediately wanted to try out some techniques of my own. I remembered a lattice style technique I had previously developed to create patterns using plastic bags. Plastic is a very soft and flexible material so I was fascinated to see if I could transfer the process to metal. It sort of worked. And took hours and hours of sawing with piercing blades. A lot of swearing when the blades broke and to much listening to radio 4 to calm me down and scissor sisters to speed me up. Nothing says sawing like scissor sisters! Or something like that. And nothing says Jesus break a saw blade quick so you can stop this madness like the archers!

Working on the technique was a great experience and really got me engaged with the material.  However on its own the lattice was not a piece of work. Something dramatic was missing. So I began to experiment with further technique. The most important element that I wanted to keep from the project was that the metal should be bent from flat. And have some form of stress or pressure. It’s very hard to explain but there had to be a pushing action applied. I literally wanted to push the metal. See what it was made of if you like.

Paris // Pompidou // Kader Attia : Ghost

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